Benefits Of Buying Wooden Toys

Toys are a part of everyone’s childhood, whether it was something as simple as a teddy bear or a box of Lego, we all have toys we remember. While toys do act as a form of entertainment for a child, it plays quite a role in development as well. Toys are made up of a number of different materials for various ages.

However, with environmental concerns toys that are made of plastic are frowned upon or in general not as popular as before. In the recent times wooden toys however have gotten quite popular. There has been a significant increase in the use of wooden toys and there is good reason why. Here are some of them.

No chemicals

Plastic toys can be harmful to children, the tiny parts and even the chemicals used to make them. Since plastic toys are manufactured all around the world it is difficult to assess how good or bad, they can be for children. Plastic breaks easily too just a few pulls here and there and there is a good chance your child’s toy can be broken to pieces.

Wooden toys are more durable as the material is hardier. They do not break easily and are considered much safer than plastic toys. Even if your child does put the toy in their mouth it is considered to be much less harmful than other materials.

Good for the environment

The environmental concerns over plastic consumption have been a huge issue in the recent years. Everyone is trying to cut down on their plastic even in the sense of children’s toys. Wood is a natural, biodegradable material that causes no external harm to the environment. If you are looking for wooden toys Australia has a number of online stores that specializes in wooden toys.

Different purposes

Throughout the years a child’s needs change, when they are infants, they require different toys to stimulate development. Wooden toys are not created with that in mind, how does it appeal and benefit the child. Ranging from shapes and sizes to stimulating their creative side, it has been a great way to allow kids to learn new things. Wooden toys do not have to look boring either, they are painted in different colours to look attractive and grasp a child’s attention.

Can be stored

In comparison to other materials, wood is probably much more durable. It does not melt or whither in water or heat, it is not easily broken as plastic and depending on the toy itself there is a low risk of a child swallowing small parts. Wooden toys can be used for years because of its materials; it is the sort of toy that can even be used by your child’s siblings can use them in the later years.


Plastic toys are usually large scale manufactured; wooden toys look less similar to each other as they are crafted individually. This makes them unique and special.


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