Experiment with A New Wardrobe Out of Your Comfort Zone

Most of us are used to dressing up in a certain way. If you come out in something else people say “that is not like her to wear something like that”. More frequently than not, we care about what people think about us.

But most of the time everyone else is thinking about themselves and you also have to think about yourself. Especially when it comes to doing fashion just because you look good in a certain type of clothing, don’t stick to it but get out of your comfort zone and try new things, ignoring what people say.

Try out new items

If you are planning to get out of your comfort zone what you have to do is to try out new items. But how to do it? You can’t simply buy a lot of clothes and then have them hanging in your wardrobe, never worn. One thing you can do is to talk to someone who is already initiated into the world of fashion, could be a cousin or a friend, or even one of the bloggers on the internet.

Discuss what would fit you and what is usually worn these days. The time factor is important because just due to your desire in stepping out of the comfort zone, you cannot turn up at work wearing a 1960s bell bottom pant. Look around you and try out new clothing you see for yourself in a clothing store.

Don’t throw away what you already have

Just because you are trying to turn a new leaf in your wardrobe, don’t throw away what you already have. You are having them for a reason; you like them a lot and frequently wear them. Just try to find out whether you look good in them. Ask a friend whether they think these clothes fit you perfectly or are they just a way of covering yourself.

If they do fit you nicely and compliment your figure, plus you like them, that could be one set of clothes that you will keep in your wardrobe. Apart from that, consider what you have never worn or what you will like to be seen in. For example, you might have never worn a formal skirt to work. It could be because you think that you don’t have a suitable blouse or top for them. But what if you tried a proper skirt at work with a blouse which you already own that fit you nicely?

Experiment with colours

Colours and designs play an important role when it comes to clothing. Designs, such as stripes or printed material can make a person look thinner than they are. Things such as high necks, tall slits and belts like accessories can also make an impact that you didn’t know existed. For example, a well-matched belt can make your waist look smaller than it actually is and accentuate your hip. Dark colours match night and evening functions and light, pastel colours are the best for office and day functions. There is a whole world out there when it comes to colours and designs in fashion. So, when you have a little time visit the internet and read on them. Try fashion magazines to see how they have paired certain items together and you will see how even the same item can look and feel in very different ways when paired with different items.


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