How to Fit Things into Your Busy Schedule and Not Feel Stressed

Everyone’s schedules are so full on in this day and age that people are so consumed with work and all other types of things, so much so that they simply do not have time to do even the most basic simple things like cooking a meal. Doing laundry has become a burden to people and washed laundry remains unfolded and not put away for weeks, houses remain uncleaned and gardens are left to get totally out of control. If you really look at it, the people are not to be blamed. With the times, the competition among people have increased massively and if you don’t take up everything then you will soon fall behind and with this mentality people just keep on loading and loading things onto their schedules. Their health is the least of their concerns and is simply overlooked. People continue like this until they simply cannot handle the stress anymore and soon just crack and become overworked, at this point everything they do from there on becomes inefficient. This also sometimes results in health complications as excessive stress is related to many mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. Having said all that, there are some very successful people out there how manage to do it all and still remain glowing; so how do they do it?

Take Short Cuts When Possible

People are in this mentality that anything done using a shorter more convenient method is not the result of good work, this type of thinking is very wrong and can be quite disadvantageous to everyone. The key to balance and preventing yourself from being overworked is to find simple ways around big problems. Say for example your garden has reached a very unmanageable state and it needs a clean-up as soon as possible, now there are two ways you can deal with this. First, you can dwell on it, complain and make yourself all stressed out about it. Or you can simply visit and book a day for a gardener to have your garden cleaned up. This whole process will take like 20 minutes of your day and will leave you feeling unburdened the moment you get your appointment made. Now image a few other things that could be resolved like that.

Work Smarter Not Harder

The saying ‘Work Smarter not harder’ is so true and quite relatable to everything in life.

If two people are striving to achieve the same goal and one person puts a hundred times the effort than other one puts in, it really won’t change the end result, both people will ultimately reach the same goal, so why put yourself through extra stress and unnecessary effort. Before you begin a task, think to yourself if there are any other ways you can go about doing it in a simpler way that won’t alter the end result, If there is such a way, by all means, take it and rid yourself of that stress.


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