How to Plan for An Ideal Destination Wedding:

Weddings are something that we fantasize about ever since our childhood. The fancy dress, the location, the backdrop, and most of all, the food! Little did we know, back in the days, how complicated weddings are actually. 

It is not just the perfect thoughts that we wrote in our English essays or the imaginations we drew in our art class or the ideal wedding scene from a movie. 

This crucial job takes months of planning to execute the ideal wedding we dreamt of back in the days. Some marriages are held in the hometown, while some host it internationally. Some celebrate it with immediate family members by doing a registered wedding, while some throw a big ceremony. It depends on family to family, one religion to another. However, if you plan for a destination wedding, here are a few necessary notes to keep in mind.

The checklist for a destination wedding:

For instance, if you’re deciding on Australia as the wedding destination, Moama on the Murray weddings are the best! This destination covers all the dreamy and fairy-tale needs of a marriage ceremony. This iconic location has natural charm, with the long-running river, to stand out as an ideal, stunning wedding location. 

Step 1:

Here, as mentioned above, we discussed the main point, to decide a meaningful location. A hometown location with a river wouldn’t be ideal if it cannot fit the guests. Likewise, the perfect spot abroad wouldn’t work if the weather is not supporting. Therefore, proper research should be done before finalizing a location. Try taking advice from the locals there to understand the country’s situation and climate. Check the availability of flights closer to the wedding dates.

Step 2:

Without them, the wedding does not feel like a wedding, yes, the guests! So, it is essential for you to inform your near and dear once in advance. Give them enough time to decide and calculate whether they can afford to travel abroad and make it to your international wedding. 

Step 3:

Cut it down to the minimum. Nail your décor with localities, such as using locally produced flowers and blossoms to have an intricate backdrop. Serve local specialties to cut down costs on expensive foreign drinks. 

Step 4:

Think about your guest. They are already spending a wholesome amount to attend your function. If they have additional expenses during their stay, it will just put off the idea. Suppose they have to pay for every meal. Their accommodations cost a lot.

Maybe they have a commuting expense. The centre-concern are the guests. It should be affordable to all. Therefore, try to find accommodation which offers various other services, such as transport, meals, and Wi-Fi at a reasonable price. Furthermore, even if you have to change the location, do it. Always try to minimize the cost as much as possible.

However, the ideal option is to find a professional wedding planner or a coordinator who specializes in destination weddings. Hence, doing so will save a lot of time, as they are experienced and have the best contacts to get the work done. Moreover, it also eliminates the language barrier you could be facing. 


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