How to Preserve Your Important Documentation?

You only think about intelligent it would have been to keep our documentation safe once you actually lose them. But by then, you would had to go through the entire process of obtaining them and sometimes, if these were things like old family records and the likes that cannot be duplicated, you would have lost them for good. So how can you preserve your documentation and make sure that they stay with you in original condition for many years to come? Here are some handy tips that you could make use of. ]

Use Document Safes for Keeping Them In

Contrary to what you would immediately think, documents safes are rather inexpensive and you can buy them according to your requirements, essentially, the amount of documents that you wish to keep within in. These document safes will give your certifications and other documents pretty good protection and that are also most of the time resistant to fire and to moisture both. They also prevent these records from being exposed to direct sunlight.  The insides of these safes are almost nearly acid free which ensures that your documentation will not deteriorate and they are available in a large amount of price ranges as well.  Now on the other hand, there may be some types of documentation that has to be kept on display like licenses, permits and qualifications or business registrations. These can be framed and kept safe as well. You will need to look for picture framers Melbourne certificate frames options so that you can choose the ones that work the best for you. Remember to think about the durability of your frames when you choose them.

Always Go For Acid Free Paper

You should never use any normal paper to print anything be it photos or certificates, if your goal is to keep them with you for a long period of time. Acid can cause fading to occur and if you are on a tight budget, you should still prioritize on acid free paper. Without the wording being legible, there would be no point of the document at all. These acid free papers are also known as archival paper. Try to keep backup copies and get, if possible, more than one original of your important documents.

Have a Good Storage Environment

Buying a plastic storage box with a lid on from whatever size that you need is easy, but you always have to make sure that the container is airtight once the lid has been closed. You should also use acid free card stock in order to line the complete box and use acid free tape to hold them in place. If you can, add big silica gel packets into the box, but make sure that they do not touch the papers inside. You will not have a perfect set up where your documents can be preserved in great conditions. You should regularly change the silica gel packs at least once or twice a year, depending upon the humidity level of your area but this would still be cheaper than buying entire acid free boxes.


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