Importance Of Preventive Maintenance For Sewage Pumping Stations

A sewage pumping station is essential to the sanitation requirement of a residential or a business establishment. The pumping station is responsible for the safekeeping of sewage from the buildings. A large tank or a wet well as it is called, store the waste and once it accumulated into a certain amount, the pump would push out the waste into the main sewer.

There are numerous advantages to having a sewage pumping station such as sewage is disposed of properly without the need for a human “contact’ thus eliminating health risks. Sewage pumping stations are also installed with alert systems to let you know if it is malfunctioning and therefore reducing the possibility of sewage overflowing.

Because sewage pumping stations have made sanitation easier, it is a necessity and should undergo preventive maintenance periodically.

Extends Functionality

When we spend money on something, we want to be able to use it for a long time to make sure we are getting our money’s worth. This also applies to large scale sewage pumping station. Conducting periodic maintenance on sewage pumping stations ensures that all components of the station are functioning properly and if there are issues and problems, they are immediately dealt with. Preventive maintenance includes repairs and once the broken or damaged part is repaired, the whole station’s functionality would be drawn out with lesser downtime. Delaying repairs might cause a bigger, not to mention more expensive repairs in the future.

Reduced Operation Cost

When all parts of the pumping station are effectively performing their functions, the operation cost is reduced since no component is working overtime to compensate for a malfunctioning part. Operation cost is also reduced when there is preventive maintenance because it minimizes repairs and replacements expenses for parts.

If there is an employed back up plan, this is also a saved expense especially if the back-up needs the help of a generator or a third-party service provider. When the sewage pumping station is exhibiting enhanced performance, energy and fuel costs are also reduced.

Financial Resources Could Be Allocated On Other Major Components

Maintaining a sewage pumping station is not cheap. There are other major components that need heftier budget resources. If the minor parts of the sewage pumping stations are cared for on a regular basis, they are less likely to malfunction even if they are going through daily wear and tear.

With this, the operator of the pumping station would not shell out other expenses to keep the pumping station running. Without proper preventive maintenance, financial resources would be constantly shelled out on repairs instead of being saved or used on more important components of the station.

Professional preventive maintenance on sewage pumping stations is done by reputable contractors. Be wary of choosing who would conduct the monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance on your pumping station to ensure that you are paying for the service that you require and the need to call them for another maintenance check is scheduled and not because of an emergency.


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