Keeping Things Up To Date in Your Warehouse

If you are in charge of running a warehouse or even if you own your own warehouse you know that with such a dynamic nature and with the multitude of operations that are taking place, the significance of maintaining an up to date warehouse. Now, you may start to wonder what an ‘up to date’ warehouse means. I mean the way I’ve put it forth, it sounds like a machine or a computer; but I mean really think about it for a second, a warehouse is sort of like a computer/ machine right? So many things happening in a very carefully coordinated way.

Now imagine if the stocks aren’t updated regularly and you run out of a certain product but only come to know of this at the very last minute when you are about to export that certain product? Imagine the disaster, imagine all the work you will have to do to make amends and correct this small issue that you overlooked. As you can clearly see, it is extremely important that everything is maintained and kept up to date at all times to avoid any type of hindrance to the work flow. A small and insignificant thing such as checking that the database software is up to date can prevent mass interference to your work flow. Aside from the obvious things that could affect the work flow, there are some other bits and pieces that need to be kept checked and updated to avoid any issues, here are a few:

Equipment Needs an Update or a Service 

This is something people sometimes tend to forget; obviously you will be using a whole range of equipment at your warehouse including Damoli Forklifts, ladders, hand lifts etc. these are also machines and therefore need to be checked and ensure that they are functioning properly. You can get your forklifts serviced from the same place that you purchased them from and make sure to check all the other equipment to ensure that they too are functioning appropriately and are not broken or in need of replacement.

If you come to find a broken item, then get rid of it and replace it. The best way to ensure that no broken machine goes unnoticed is to schedule check-ups I know this may sound completely insignificant in the face of all the more important things that are a part of your responsibilities but trust me when I say that the small things count up to make big differences, so don’t put them off, make a schedule and have everything checked.

Keep Your Systems Up To Date

If you are using an extremely old software or god forbid are still using manual methods to keep track of all the comings and goings of the warehouse then by all means please move onto more technology friendly methods. This is not only because your convenience is increased but also because this way you are less likely to make any mistakes that would have a big impact on your workflow.


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