Most Common Causes of Data Loss and How to Solve Them

Nowadays, data can be stores and retrieved easily, thanks to the breakthroughs in digital technology. We can just save information on or PC, smartphones, tablets and even on online storage such as cloud solutions. Usually when we don’t need that information anymore, we simply delete it on our own.

However, there are times when we lose data due to accidental reasons and recovering them is not that easy at all. If you don’t have much experience with recovering data, this would really be a stressful experience for you. You could use data recovery software to fix this but when it’s still not yet solved, it is time to call a professional data recovery specialist to help you out. Read more about it here and discover the different ways you could accidentally lose data.

  • System Malfunction – System or hardware malfunction is the most common cause of accidental data loss. It could manifest in different forms such as power interruption, system crash, and many more. Most systems have auto-recovery feature which helps the user get the closest version of their unsaved data. Keep your device properly maintained and use uninterrupted power if possible, to lessen the chance of this problem from occurring.
  • Software Corruption – There are some cases when we are in the middle of doing something in a program or software and it suddenly shuts down. We could lose so much data from that occurrence especially when we haven’t saved our file yet. This situation is what you call software corruption. This happens on numerous reasons such as the software taking up too much memory space or other diagnostic tools. Saving your work from time to time keeps you safe from losing so much data.
  • Viruses and Malware – Aside from slowing down your computer and making it unsafe and vulnerable to threats, viruses and malware can also cause data loss when left for a long time. It spreads into your system without you noticing it, causing partial or full damage to your files and essential data. Be sure to have decent antivirus software installed in your PC and run regular scans to keep your computer and date safe and protected.
  • Human Error – Aside from those reasons mentioned above, another common cause of data loss is human error. We all do mistakes sometimes which could lead to files or data loss such as clicking the wrong option. If your file is saved in a portable storage, there’s still a huge chance that you could lose them accidentally such as corrupting the storage device or damaging it physically. Always be careful when handling important data especially when they are saved in a portable storage device.

There are so many causes of data loss that one should be careful of whether it is caused by the system itself or by the user. Aside from being extra careful when handling them, it would also be wise if you have a backup copy of them especially for those important files.


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