New vs. Used Pallet Racks: Things to Consider

Pallet racks help you achieve a well-organized warehouse. If you are still new to warehouse management, you might be confused in choosing the best racks for your business. The option of old and new pallet racks also adds to the issue because each one has its own advantages. To help clear things out, here are some features to consider when buying new or used pallet racks.

New Pallet Racks

Most businesses choose to invest in new pallet racks due to its legal and safety standards. Although they are much expensive than used racks, you can be assured that everything works well for the first years. You can be assured that new pallet racks can really hold their stated capacity safely. New ones also have warranties so you can have them repaired or replaced when they’re damaged. You can also order additional racks of the same type since there will always be more of them in stock. It is also easy to find replacement parts for damaged racks. New racks also look more appealing than used ones. This makes your warehouse more appealing to the eye while bringing excitement to you and your workers. Everyone will surely be motivated in their work with the fresh look of your storage. Get a fresh start by getting pallet racking from Better Storage. As experts in storage equipment, they offer high-quality pallet racks that will surely bring order to any warehouse. These products are specially engineered to meet safety standards so you’ll rest assured of your workers’ safety.

Used Pallet Racks

Purchasing used pallet racks is a great option if you want to save on your start-up expenses. Although they don’t look that good when compared to new racks, they can still keep your stocks organized. Most businesses that have low starting budget choose this as their first storage system. You can always upgrade to new ones later on if you can.

However, used pallet racks have downsides as well. Though they are cheaper, they don’t come with a warranty so nothing covers the repairs or replacements when they get damaged. It is also hard to find replacements for their parts because you can’t get them where you bought the racks. Most of them also are already old-fashioned and are not manufactured anymore. Another downside is the safety of used racks. The natural course of wear and tear can alter its capacity and some might not even handle their maximum limits. This becomes a potential risk for your workers when the racks collapse. It is best to personally inspect the quality of used pallet racks before making a purchase.

Making the Right Choice

As an employer, one of your main responsibilities is the safety of your workers. Whether you choose new or used pallet racks, always make sure that they are thoroughly inspected for damages before installing them properly. Explore possible dangers in your warehouse and develop measures to counter or prevent it if possible.


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