Signs of a Leaking Water Pipe

As homeowners, we always wanted our home to be at its best condition. But there will always be some times when certain problems arise. A water pipe leak is one of the subtle problems that goes unnoticed yet pose great damage when left untreated for a long time. Aside from damaging the foundation and other parts of your home, a sudden skyrocketing water bill surely causes frustration to anyone. Here are some common signs to watch out so you’ll know if your water pipe line has a leak.

Sudden Increase in Water Bill

Keeping track of your water bills can help you detect leaks earlier. Keep note that there are normal seasonal increase in water bills especially during summer. However, if you notice a sudden spike, it’s time to check for other signs of leaking pipes. National Leak Detection is the specialist in determining and locating the sources of leak. Go straight to Victoria’s best and expect the best service from the leak experts.

Reduced Water Pressure

A noticeable decrease in water pressure from your supply is one significant sign of a leak. Leaks divert water to other places where it’s not meant to be, reducing the amount that is supposed to reach your faucet. This greatly varies depending on the amount and size of the leaks present in your pipeline.

Ceilings or Walls that are Stained or Damaged

If you notice some wet spots on your home’s ceiling or walls which seems too much to be caused by the present weather conditions, it could be a sign of a leak. If this goes on for a longer time, it can cause serious damage to your home.

Mould and Mildew Growth

Mould and mildew thrive on damp and dark places. Although you can usually see them grow on shower walls and other normally wet areas, it is unusual to find them over dry walls and floors. Check where this moisture comes from to have an idea whether you have a leaking pipe.

Persistent Bad Odour

Musty odour is caused by moulds or stagnant water. This odour doesn’t go away no matter how much you clean your home. It’s not normal for a room to smell musty even if it’s the bathroom. With a good working plumbing system, water always finds its way where it’s meant to be.

Continuously Ticking Water Meter

If you’re not so sure if there’s a leak in your pipes, check your water meter. First, turn off all the faucets or anything that uses water from the supply line. Then, observe the water meter. If it’s still ticking even if you’re not using anything from the water source, you definitely have a leak.

Puddles That Aren’t There Before

You’ve been living in that area for years and a certain spot never puddle before, just now. A leak from the main supply line often causes sudden puddles. Since water can go nowhere, it surfaces to the ground. Contact a leak specialist immediately if you notice this issue.

Early detection of leaking pipes really does a lot to save your home and your finances. Always choose the best leak specialists to be assured of quality service.


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