The 7 Best Men’s Fashion Trends In 2020

We often talk about women’s fashion and trends but sometimes overlook the men. While the ladies have hundreds of outfit combinations and must haves, the men’s fashion trends are equally exciting.

Ranging from floral pattern shirts to shoes for each occasion the boys too have a lot to choose from to spice up their wardrobes. Although some men aren’t quite as particular about keeping up with the latest trends, some live for it. Therefore, here is a list of 7 of the best men’s fashion trends in 2020. You may already know some and some will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Vertical stripes

Pin stripes or broad stripes, striped shirts are commonly available in most men’s wardrobes. Mostly worn for formal occasions they work great for smart casual and formal events. The best bonus about it however is that it makes you look taller and slimmer.

Mid wash denims

This is the perfect balance between faded and dark blue. This shade of denims is so versatile. It can be dressed up with a light-coloured shirt for a smart casual event or a plain t-shirt and sneakers for a casually dressed down look. Either way it speaks volumes about your personality and sense of style.

All white

White is a colour that suits everyone, it looks calm, pulled together, relaxed and organized at the same time. While some men may not fancy full white outfits, a recommendation is pairing a white t-shirt or shirt with light coloured pants, shorts and just faded blue jeans. Brands such as knickerbocker clothing have plenty of options for men to fit their outfit requirements.

Pink for days

Not the most conventional colour but picking up in popularity nonetheless. Pastel pink t-shirts and shirts have become very common among men and we don’t blame them. It looks cool, chic and oozes confidence. Pink floral patterns or even pink blazers are great summer outfit combinations. While it isn’t for everyone to pull off, if you have it you most definitely should flaunt it.


Leather jackets during fall or winter are a big yes. Dress it over a plain t-shirt or with jeans, leather showcases confidence and subtle bad boy vibe that again is a huge yes. Leather is not cheap but will last you a lifetime provided it is maintained.

Athleisure clothing

Athleisure clothing is a combination between gym or sportswear and casual leisurewear. They come in a variety of clothes such as bomber jackets to high performance fabric and sports inspired fastening. Even if you aren’t the sporty type it does not hurt to own a few of these to amp up your wardrobe and style.

Bright blue hues

The colour blue speaks various languages. It is a common colour for clothing as there are plenty of shades to choose from. Adding different shades of blue to your wardrobe adds style and personality. It helps that blue is an easily combinable colour and can be matched with just about any other colour.


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