The importance of standardized corporate cyber defense in 2020s

Being a successful business in 2020s is a massive risk just as much as the blessing it is. That makes perfect sense because a thief would rather break into a mansion, instead of a middle-classed house whose members are barely trying to make it to the end of the month. But these times can be even dangerous. Hence, even if it was a medium-scale business over a massive scale business, your defense again threats from the cyber space should be of high quality.

There is another side that most of the companies fail to give the priority to. That is the direct and the indirect damage their customers take due to this poor security facilities. The direct affecting would take the form of being looted of the sensitive and personal information for an example. The faith they have would be shattered just like that, in the case of being affected indirectly, due to the inability of the company to prioritize its defense against hacking and so.

 But what is the big deal about standardization. Just as much as any other quality standard certification, the information technology sector too have one. When the company is establishing the quality standards that are expected in the international scale, it does two betterments; the first is the sheer protection and the second is the reputation boosting as an establishment. If your business is some sort of an online platform that deals with a number of transactions, the advising and solutions by a reputed ISO 27001 consultant Sydney is all you need on 2020.

Close to 130 controls, there are 10 major domains that needs to be fulfilled. Some of they are as follows;

  1. Security policy
  2. Organization of information scrutiny
  3. Asset management
  4. Access control
  5. Human resources security

There is a common feature amongst all these domains and that also directly applies to all kinds of electronic communication in the corporate context; encryption. What Is Encryption? The need of encrypting arises when there is a risk of being eavesdropped in the modern cyber space. For an example, let us say that you are sending a sensitive email whose information can be extracted by means of reading. If a hacker could snatch it, which may not be the hardest task, the information will be looted just like that. But with modern encrypting methods, none of those or these domains will be breached.

Imagine a hacker seeing a serious of numbers similar to 837e 17a45e 86e9918a 886h1ff9 032k128 instead of what they wanted to see, and there is no way of converting that to whatever the language it was in without the exclusive access. That is the simplest way to show the importance of encrypting to the corporate needs. When this coupled with standardized defenses, you won’t have to worry about even the worst-case scenarios.

The bottom-line is that, the cyber space is unsafe and if you did not take steps to safeguard your business ship, it will, at one point, will sink.


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